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About Us

Wink Silk was an idea conceived to get us ‘Back to the Bedroom’, ditching social invites and going off-grid for occasional date nights with yourself.

Arouse your senses through ritualistic sleep habits, and pamper your well-being by creating a calming environment for sleep. 

Follow our sleep rituals for the ultimate night in:

SMELL- Run a bath, immerse yourself in luxurious natural oils, inhale the scents, and relax.  You may opt for dabbing your favourite calming essential oil like lavender on your pulse points. Inhale deeply and relax.

TASTE- Make yourself a cup of soothing, calming tea like camomile, to help induce relaxation.  Take a mindful sip, savouring the temperature, the viscosity, the taste all over your tastebuds.  Notice any sensations as you gently swallow the liquid.  Really taste your tea.

SIGHT- Read some meaningful mantras or affirmations, or maybe a nice up-lifting book. Anything to leave you in a relaxed state of mind, before you close your eyes to the outside world.

HEARING- Listen to a meditation to help lull you to slumber, or perhaps some soothing music or sounds of nature to lull you to rest.

TOUCH- Finally lay your head to rest on the finest Wink Silk pillowcase. Feel the softness, allow your skin to glide over the fabric. Feel the support of your bed as you sink into your Wink.

When you wake up, you will be crease-free, bed-head free, and wrinkle-free.