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Silk V’s Cotton/Satin

Cotton cravers beware, cotton pulls and tugs across your hair shaft and your delicate facial skin. The result being premature stretched skin along with sleep-crease. Cotton causes dry skin and hair due to it’s moisture absorbing properties. The cotton weave twists your hair resulting in the infamous bed-head look, which isn’t so great for the long-term health of your hair. As for satin, let’s just say if you’ve been sleeping on this cheap petroleum based product, your on the right website to convert to the real thing now.

Should I buy a Wink Silk sleeping cap or a pillowcase?

Most of our fans either have a few pillowcases to rotate through washes, or some use a sleep cap whilst their pillowcase is being washed. Others have their Wink Silk sleeping caps packed for the times they travel. Quite a few of our esteemed clients gift the sleep caps and pillowcases to their friends and family to pay it forward. Some beauty secrets should be shared.

How do I take care of my Wink Silk pillowcase?

Our first recommendation is to hand wash your Wink Silk item, as this is the best way to maintain your silk, and make it last through the years. That being said, our Wink Silk products are made from high grade 22mm Mulberry silk, so they can be machine washed using a ph neutral liquid detergent. To avoid your Wink Silk fibers hardening, you need to avoid using too acidic or alkaline solutions, as silk is still a natural fibre Detergents made for silk products are best if PH levels aren’t specified. Bleach is no no and no. Also consider the water temperature, natural fibers can change their form at certain temperatures. Keep your water below 30 degrees / 85 Fahrenheit to keep your Wink Silk safe. If your machine doesn’t allow you to select a temperature, then stick to cold or cool washes. A delicates bag is recommended, but optional. If your machine has ripped garments before, it would be wise to use one for your Wink as added protection. If you want to give your Wink Silk pillowcase a long-life, hand washing is the preferred care method by far. Be gentle with your Wink Silk product, avoid tugging and wringing the fabric. That way it will keep it’s sheen for longer and you can continue to enjoy all it’s health and beauty benefits. Tumble dryers are not meant for silk products, so keep your Wink well away from these monsters. You take care of your Wink whilst you’re awake, and it will take care of you whilst you’re asleep.

What’s so special about a Wink Silk pillowcase anyway?

Fast food or Fine Dining? Wink Silk is at the high quality end of the ‘spectrum of silks’. Quite frankly there are a lot of cheap mixed-silk composition products, or imitation fabrics in the market. It can be difficult to know what you are getting. You need to be mindful about toxic colours, and inaccurate claims about the weight/momme of the silk (more about momme below) . Our silk has a charmeuse finish, which retains the health and beauty benefits. Watch out for imitations or cheap mock-ups. Silk has a price, and like diamonds, you get what you pay for. We have invested time and resources to partner with reputable silk houses to bring our high quality 22 momme silk products to the market. Our suppliers follow ethical workplace practices, and ensure that only high grade silk is used. Our suppliers carry the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification, which is only issued to suppliers following stringent rules. You can rest assured that you are investing in some of the best silk sleep products in the market when you invest in a Wink Silk product. We stand by this statement. Watch out for those imitators and cheap duplicators.

What is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification?

This is a globally consistent, independent, testing and certification process and system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products. It’s the most trusted independent authority to certify textiles. Our partners carry this certificate and are compliant with the stringent protocol laid out by this authority

Are you using non-toxic dyes?

Is the sky blue? Absolutely. Part of being Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified is that stringent protocols must be followed and later tested, to ensure toxic dyes are not present in the silk.

Why shouldn’t I buy a cheaper satin pillowcase?

Both silk and satin may ‘appear’ to do the job, but they are world’s apart. For starters satin is not a real fabric, it’s a synthetic petroleum based product. It has zero health and beauty benefits compared to it’s silk ‘idol’. Satin may try to look and feel like silk, but with it’s thinner, more abrasive surface, it simply can’t ‘breathe’ the way silk does. Silk is a softer natural fibre. Just like fast-food has questionable nutritional value (though it may fill you up), likewise satin may cover your pillow, but does nothing for you, unlike silk.

What is momme?

Pronounced MO-ME. This imperial measurements has it’s roots in Japan. It is used to describe the weight of silk. If a silk has more drapes, it is thicker and heavier, softer to touch and lasts longer than it’s light-weight cousins. Momme measurements can be misleading. Momme should be measured at the end of the production, but manipulators measure at differing stages of production, often stating misleading momme counts. Lighter weight momme silks are simply not as luxurious as the 22 momme we use. Heavier momme silks are suited to heavier soft furnishings such as curtains, as opposed to pillowcases. So usually 19-22mm is an ideal range for pillowcases, with 22mm being at the better end of the silk spectrum. Wink Silk products use 22 momme, apart from coming from an Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified production house, we had our silk scrutinised further with another independent silk laboratory. We can guarantee the authenticity of our Wink Silk product line, and you can buy with confidence and not loose any winks over your investment.

Silk for my Toddler? Really?

Consider this, an average Toddler may sleep 10-14 hours a day. They are literally laying their delicate skin and hair on fabric, which they will breathe on for the majority of the day. Would you rather your child inhale dust, dust-mites (and their excretion) trapped in cotton/synthetic fibers, or would you rather have them sleep on silk which is naturally resistant to such nasties? Silk is the perfect sleep partner to protect your child’s skin and hair, whilst retaining it’s moisture. Furthermore, silk is also a natural temperature regulator. It is cooling against the skin in humid temperature, and is warming in cooler climates. Your child can benefit from a more comfortable night’s rest, without damaging their soft hair and facial skin.

So what size are Wink Silk pillowcases available in?

Wink Silk pillowcases come in 3 sizes. Queen size / Standard International 20” x 30” (50cm x 75cm) King size of 20" x 36" (50cm x 90cm) Toddler size of 13" x 21" (35 x 55cm) These sizes are most commonly used globally. Our Toddler pillows fit UK/Europe standard children’s pillow sizes found in most major retailers such as John Lewis, The White Company and IKEA. The Toddler pillow sizes are slightly larger than US standard Toddler pillows, however the extra fabric can easily be folded in to fit US sized children’s pillows too. More is better than less.

I want a Wink, how quickly can you ship?

ASAP ! We will turn around orders usually within 24 hours on working days. We will have them packed and sent on their way to you. We use reputable carriers to wizz your Wink Silk products to you as soon as is physically possible. Check out our shipping policy page for further information

Who should own a Wink?

You, everyone you know, everyone they know, and so forth. Most people spend more time with their pillow than they do with their loved ones. You are literally closer to your pillow than any other sleeping partner, hour after hour, night after night. You will spend a third of your life in bed, so is it worth investing in a sleep partner who is a ‘keeper’ ? Your Mama would say YES, and so do we.

Can I stock Wink products?

We’d love to hear from silk-loving Stockists. Please do contact us at

Do you provide gift packaging?

Our Wink products come beautifully wrapped in a luxury gift box. A gift for you as much as anyone else.